Right to Food & Nutrition Campaign

As Middle Income Country

Ensure Adequate Food and Nutrition for the 40 Million Poor
Enact the Right to Food Act


‘Right to Food Bangladesh-RtF BD’ will hold an Inauguration Program of ‘Right to Food & Nutrition Campaign’ on 25 July 2018, 10 AM to 1 PM at National Museum Auditorium, Shahbagh, Dhaka. More than 500 representatives from different organizations and institutions will participate in the inauguration. RtF BD emerged with more than 800 local, national, international NGOs & networks, civil society and different social organizations centering the grand event ‘South Asia Right to Food-SARF Conference 2015’ hosted in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Since inception, the network has been undertaking multifaceted activities with countrywide campaign and policy advocacy on right to food and nutrition, social security program, agriculture, safe food, water, land, food habit, food crisis etc. including different relevant issues. The goal of RtF BD is to establish ‘Right to Adequate Food and Nutrition’. As its continual effort, the network is conducting a country wide `Right to Food & Nutrition Campaign’ during July-December 2018 centering upcoming national parliamentary election. The campaign is demanding specific steps by government towards formulating the ‘Right to Food Act’ and commitment of political parties on incorporating ‘Right to Food Act’ in their Election Manifesto. The campaign goal and objectives are:


Ensuring the right to adequate food and nutrition for the 40 million poor people in Bangladesh.


  • To influence the government in taking specific steps towards formulating the ‘Right to Food Act’
  • To influence the political parties for incorporation of the ‘Right to Food Act’ and its formulation and implementation strategy in their Election Manifesto
  • To promote ‘Active Citizenship’ at all sphere of the society including students, youths and women in order to establish people’s Right to Food and Nutrition

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