Sharing Meeting titled ‘Impacts of Covid-19 on Food-intake and Nutrition of Poor People’

As many as 87 per cent poor people surveyed of the country are facing food and nutrition crises in the pandemic, said a study of a local rights group.

Meanwhile, the livelihood of 98 per cent have been severely affected, the survey of Rights to Food Bangladesh found.

The findings of the study were released on Thursday in a webinar.

The survey covered urban and rural poor as well as the indigenous people.

43 per cent of the respondents of the study were women.

There was a 66-day general holiday since March 26 to stem the spread of novel coronavirus in the country which directly impacted the poor people of the country, the study read.

Dr Nazneen Ahmed, a senior research fellow at the Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies, presented the study report on the webinar.

The purpose of the survey was to understand the living conditions, food intake and nutrition status of poor people in different parts of Bangladesh due to the Covid-19 pandemic, she added.

Some 834 people were surveyed from total 38 districts of eight divisions of the country.

Besides, seven per cent people changed their profession to meet daily needs in the situation, the study added.

The nutritional status of children, pregnant women and lactating mothers in particular is still at risk.

Besides, speakers emphasised the need to create a complete database to deliver effective assistance to the poor.


87pc poor people face food and nutrition crises in pandemic: Study-Financial Express

July 19, 2020




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